About RG Boire


RG Boire’s art is imbued with the hardened labor of a Detroit autoworker, the precision and mindfulness of a Dzogchen Monk and the whimsical experimentation of a kid making mud pies and liquid concoctions in a vacant lot. These energies are all embodied in an RG Boire art work and give his work curious properties that go well beyond their surface visual interest.” -= Mason Dixon

I use primitive, industrial & experimental techniques to make metal rust, oxidize & corrode in interesting patterns. Examples? Sheet steel rubbed with hand-split oranges & grapefruits, dribbled with red wines, scraped with knife-cut potatoes, olives, pink pearl erasers, power tools, industrial acids & electrical current. A process designed to distress & de-stress.

I was born in Alaska, surrounded by utilitarian structures & mystical belief systems. Rust was an ever-present backdrop, a green screen for my early imagination.

As a youngster, I spent formative years in and around Boys Town – the epicenter of the US of A, a hardened nuclear target & buttered bread-basket. It was a real village & a real prison, all in one. You should visit. As a teenager, I was in Omaha, pirate-broadcasting & monitoring the shortwave spectrum for the bicentennial. If you received my QSL card, I’d love to hear from you.

Today, I live in the prairie lands of California.

-=RG Boire

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