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  • Front yard lighting. I'm actually unusually proud of this, but cannot encode it within phone camera. "The streets are a gallery." Imagine no street lights. #suburbanlandscape #artphilosphy #lowvoltagelighting #deluzeyourself
  • Piece will be landscape but it's worked on in portrate. Tape covers deep fold and will be polished plain steel when finished. It will look entirely different after the next phase of controlled rusting. All plans subject to change. #rustart #rustartist #abstractmetalart #formfolding #metalart #patination
  • At work on large form folded sheet steel abstract. Flame painting and etching then will finish with controlled rusting.
  • Machine No. 1 Repost with better cover... turn on sound. #kineticsculpture #mechanicalart #soundart #soundsculpture #artwork #metalart
  • Finished the mechanical singing wine glass piece! Turn on sound. #mechanicalart #machineage #machineart #kineticart #rustart
  • 1st “art day” in over a month! Always at battle with my priorities - juxtaposed with my responsibilities.
  • Solution
  • Friday night in the indoor labashopstudio. Trying to make wine glass resonate with crude mechanics. Feels so close, but not yet...can you see the wine glass?
  • Thanks to my awesome partner (and kids) for letting me move inside for the winter months!
  • Really hard to parts-harvest a gem like this. Saved from the dump so I don't feel so bad.
  • At work on paper airplane machine. Slow going, endless puzzles. Lots of periods of serious doubt about doability. #tinkering
  • Full panel
  • Outcome of experiment started in spring. See earlier pics for what did what. Nothing spectacular, but should serve as a great starting point for something cool.
  • Bouncing soap bubbles! Add sugar and wear a "fuzzy glove."
  • Found this key on a typewriter I'm repairing er repurposing. #freedom #typewriterpoetry
  • Dog picks narrow path I need to cross every minute to plop down on...
  • Impossible to see on camera, but start of hand wind kinetic paper airplane sculpture. #wireart #kineticsculpture
  • Sign hack. #adhacking #freetibet #signhack
  • Yankee Jim's bridge from below. Suspension bridge just outside of Colfax.
  • From Yankee Jim's bridge. #swimminghole