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  • Really hard to parts-harvest a gem like this. Saved from the dump so I don't feel so bad.
  • At work on paper airplane machine. Slow going, endless puzzles. Lots of periods of serious doubt about doability. #tinkering
  • Full panel
  • Outcome of experiment started in spring. See earlier pics for what did what. Nothing spectacular, but should serve as a great starting point for something cool.
  • Bouncing soap bubbles! Add sugar and wear a "fuzzy glove."
  • Found this key on a typewriter I'm repairing er repurposing. #freedom #typewriterpoetry
  • Dog picks narrow path I need to cross every minute to plop down on...
  • Impossible to see on camera, but start of hand wind kinetic paper airplane sculpture. #wireart #kineticsculpture
  • Sign hack. #adhacking #freetibet #signhack
  • Yankee Jim's bridge from below. Suspension bridge just outside of Colfax.
  • From Yankee Jim's bridge. #swimminghole
  • Teetering on edge of mess.
  • At island lake- a special space-time.
  • Lake granite with natural crack. 1 pic combined and flipped in instagram. #abstractnature
  • 12' diameter, 15 ton water wheel. In use until 1987.
  • Impossible to photo Sequoias. Calaveras big trees.
  • Back country #waterfall
  • Day 3. This is the part where all methodicalness breaks down into randomness. The repeated vinegar sprays create AND destroy the rust. Water on the right side has "bled" across from right to left. Objects placed have shifted, and chaos is becoming king. I'm ready to get started!
  • End of day 2. Most of the current rust is just a thin coat. Even a spray bottle can knock it off. #rustartwork #corrosionart
  • This is about 4.5 hours after the start. Heading in for food and will post again in the morn. Right side is just h2o, middle added a spray of vinegar.