About RG Boire

RG Boire’s art is imbued with the hardened labor of a Detroit autoworker, the precision and mindfulness of a Dzogchen Monk and the whimsical experimentation of a kid making mud pies and liquid concoctions in a vacant lot. These energies are all embodied in an RG Boire art work and give his work curious properties that go well beyond their surface visual interest.”

-= Mason Dixon


About the Work


Thank you for your interest in my art.

I’m an experimentalist and these are the outcomes. Everything is 1-of-1.

I am continually testing new ideas. For the past while, much of what I’ve made has been spawned in liminal sleeplessness. Somehow, I’m able to “sleep” and yet still be awake. I hear myself snoring, but I’m awake (enough) and processing ideas (some crazy others creative).

I’m also very fortunate to experience daytime reveries, some of which actually seem doable and which are imbued with their own motivational energy. Others are blessings that are fun to test and others are laborious, dangerous, expensive, far fetched, but nevertheless demanding an attempt.

The vast majority of my experiments are constellated around rust, oxidation, corrosion and natural processes. I’m curious about the way that these natural processes can generate innately beautiful boundaries, borders, lines, patterns, colors, textures, and relationships.

My experiments usually aim to trigger and participate in these these natural processes. I then try to materially record them in various formats that can be brought indoors for a deeper philosophical study of nature, the self and wonder. Those words sound pretentious, but they point to what genuinely motivates me in life and to what I hope to share with you.

Thank you,

-= rg boire

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