Rich Boire is an American artist best known for his abstract paintings, steel objects, and works on paper, in which corrosion and decay act both as the subject and the medium. Using natural tannins and other polyphenols, Boire’s ritualistic process using flora, natural water, and industrial plates triggers an alchemical fusion of raw materials, resulting in abstract flows and structures.

Steel and ingeniously manipulated oxidation processes act as agents of decay, metamorphosing into symbols of resilience, renewal, and the cyclical rhythms that underpin existence. Organic patterns engage with compositional archetypes in a minimal and subdued color palette, contemplating not only metaphysical paradigms but also reflecting upon the rise and fall of industrial civilization, the elusive beauty of impermanence, and the poetic enduring vitality of natural elements and processes.

Born in 1964 in Anchorage, Alaska, and residing and working in California, Rich Boire’s work has been collected worldwide and features in private collections from New York to Berlin. In 2014, he received the Curator’s Award at Pence Gallery in California, the United States of America.


Born in 1964 in Anchorage, Alaska, USA.
Resides and works in Northern California, USA.


2024, O.S.D. 3, Davis, USA [upcoming July]
2020, O.S.D. 2, Davis, USA
2019, M.A.K. Studio, Davis, USA
2018, O.S.D. 1, Davis, USA
2014, Pence Gallery, Davis, USA (group show)


Pence Gallery (2014) – Curator’s Award