About RG Boire

RG Boire’s art is imbued with the hardened labor of a Detroit autoworker, the precision and mindfulness of a Dzogchen Monk and the whimsical experimentation of a kid making mud pies and liquid concoctions in a vacant lot. These energies are all embodied in an RG Boire art work and give his work curious properties that go well beyond their surface visual interest.”

-= Mason Dixon




About the Work

All of my work uses iron as a major component – usually steel (iron+carbon).

By mass, iron is the most common element on earth. It’s the coating on the outside “crust” of the earth and penetrates to the very center of our planet.

The iron at the center of the earth, is as hot as the surface of the sun (10,800 degrees Fahrenheit).

When iron is exposed to oxygen and a bit of moisture, as it is here on earth, it physically converts to rust (iron oxide).

Given enough time, ALL iron on earth will convert to rust and completely disintegrate.

-= rg boire

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