RG Boire is a contemporary artist known for his innovative use of rust and corrosion as both subject and medium. In all of his work, rust and oxidation transcend their conventional roles as destructive agents of decay, metamorphosing into symbols of resilience, renewal, and the cyclical rhythms that underpin existence.

Boire’s art beckons viewers into a realm where rust becomes a vessel for contemplation, inviting reflection upon the rise and fall of industrial civilization, the fleeting beauty of impermanence, and the enduring vitality of natural elements and processes.

Central to Boire’s artistic lexicon is his distinctive “rust print” monotype technique, a process developed through years of experimentation and refinement. Marking a departure from conventional artistic paradigms and practices, Boire collects flora that are rich in tannins and other polyphenols at particular times of the year. In a ritualistic process he then creates extracts and mixtures of these plants with water collected from rivers, ponds, oceans and rain. Industrial steel plates are anointed with these natural infusions and then placed in contact with paper or canvas, triggering an alchemical fusion of raw materials that catalyze the gradual emergence of rust and corrosive staining. The steel plates are later removed to reveal that the paper or canvas has been impregnated with rust in natural abstract flows and patterns.

More than mere manifestations of aesthetic beauty, each monotype is a poignant reflection upon the dynamic interplay between the transient processes of industrialization and the inexorable enduring resilience of the natural world.

RG Boire’s art has been purchased by collectors around the world, including in NYC, Santa Monica, Berlin and Budapest.

Born in the year 1964 amidst the wild expanses of Anchorage, Alaska, he now resides and works in California.

Amidst the verdant embrace of Napa Valley, he is currently at work on a viticultural series of monotypes that unveil the intricate rusting and staining nuances evoked by the tannin rich elixir of red wine.


Born in 1964 in Anchorage, Alaska, USA.
Resides and works in Northern California, USA.


2024, O.S.D. 3, Davis, USA [upcoming July]
2020, O.S.D. 2, Davis, USA
2019, M.A.K. Studio, Davis, USA
2018, O.S.D. 1, Davis, USA
2014, Pence Gallery, Davis, USA (group show)


Pence Gallery (2014) – Curator’s Award